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Non-alc Leftover Lemon & Elderflower

Non-alc Leftover Lemon & Elderflower

ALC 0.3% vol.

Refreshingly sweet citrus, with aromatic spicy notes - this beer tackles waste too.

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Botanically brewed Non-Alc Leftover Lemon & Elderflower (0.3%) with surplus lemon & elderflower. Vibrant & refreshing, with a delicate floral finish.

  • Type: fruit beer
  • As members of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of sales to Trees for All, supporting sustainable forestry projects in the Lowlands and abroad for a healthier climate. Besides, this beer tackles waste too as it's brewed with surplus lemons. 

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    When life offers leftover lemons, we make beer.

    Imagine a delicious fruit beer that’s also a solution to food waste. Well, you’re holding it right now. We took elderflower, one of Spring’s loveliest floral flavours, and combined it with surplus lemons that were rejected by supermarkets. Then we made this bright, citrusy, refreshing alcohol-free beer that’s great on the palate – and great for the planet too. Remember: taste not waste!