A word from our Chief Botanical Officer

‘While working in a gin distillery in the United Kingdom I fell in love with the use of botanicals in distilling and the fascinating world of cocktails. Having basically grown up in beer in the Netherlands I guess it was only natural that I started wondering what would happen if you would brew rather than distill with these botanicals. I grew curious about what kind of character these herbs, spices and fruits could give to beer.

To my surprise I discovered that the lowlands actually have a very intriguing history where it comes to brewing with botanicals. As Dutch explorers travelled the globe they returned home with cargos brimming with precious herbs and exotic spices, which soon made their way into Dutch beer.


It is our founding belief that a little bit of Dutch ingenuity combined with the power of nature creates limitless possibilities. Over the course of the last 6 years, this belief has enabled us to be successful in brewing with botanicals to broaden the horizons of beer. At the same time, we are very much aware of the fact that we should never take nature’s beauty and benefits for granted. And so we challenge ourselves to brew beers that take less and give back to nature too – working towards a nature positive impact by 2030.

I invite you to follow our journey, proost!

Frederik Kampman

Chief Botanical Officer