Since we brew with flavors from nature, we think it's just as important to give something back to nature. So when we decided to brew our very first lager, we wanted to create an opportunity to fight climate change - simply by drinking beer. The big question was: how? That's when we stumbled upon a project very close to home. The Dutch Seagrass Restoration Project. This project helps increase the growth of Dutch seagrass beds. We knew we wanted to contribute with a beer as refreshing and impactful as the project itself.


With every can of Cool Earth Lager you drink, we’ll add another plant to the seagrass meadow. Which means you’ll be helping to reduce carbon, protect marine wildlife and tackle global warming.

Seagrass is vanishing all over the world. In fact, 40 square meters of seagrass are lost every 10 seconds. Such a shame, since the so called wonder-plant captures carbon 35 times faster than a tropical rainforest. When we discovered that seagrass is such a powerful ally against climate change – covering 0.1% of the ocean globally – we immediately made a commitment. To make beer. 

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The Dutch Seagrass Recovery Project

With our Lowlander Cool Earth Lager, we support marine biologist Dr. Laura Govers and the Dutch Seagrass Recovery Project - in the middle of the Wadden Sea. Led by "Natuurmonumenten" and The Fieldwork Company, Laura is taking impressive steps to increase the growth of the Dutch eelgrass field in collaboration with the University of Groningen. The goal? Increase the population size to 500,000 hectares. In total, we want to restore 300 hectares of meadow over the next 10 years.


Welcome to the wonderful world of botanically brewed beers and their impact on our planet. We don't want to pretend to be climate experts, as our main focus is on brewing naturally delicious beers that are not only good for you but also do good for the environment. Have a question about our Lowlander Cool Earth Lager or the Dutch seagrass restoration project that isn't answered below? We're always ready to talk to you and learn from you! Simply contact us by sending us an email. Thanks!

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Why should I try Lowlander Cool Earth Lager?

80% of the beer sold in the Netherlands is lager (pilsner), but a premium, naturally delicious AND gluten-free lager is hard to find. That's why we launched our 4% and non-alcoholic Cool Earth Lager, both brewed with the refreshing taste of lemongrass. Linking these beers specifically to a climate goal was a strategic choice. After all, we discovered that seagrass is such a powerful ally in the fight against climate change, that's when we knew we had to take action. That's why for every can of Cool Earth Lager sold, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, we add an eelgrass plant to the seagrass meadows in the Wadden Sea. This makes making (more) impact in the fight against climate change both easy and delicious for you!

How do we know that Lowlander actually plants seagrass for every Lowlander Cool Earth Lager sold?

Our love for plants and nature runs deep, so we have made our commitment to plants and the planet where they grow concrete by supporting the 1% For The Planet Foundation. Through a contract, this foundation ensures that 1% of our Cool Earth Lager sales go to The Seagrass Foundation, our official partner in the fight against climate change.

Why is Lowlander supporting this project?

We are committed to taking responsibility for nature, which means we are constantly looking for ways to take less from nature or give back to nature where we can. When we found out that eelgrass is such a powerful ally in the fight against climate change, and a successful and large restoration project could be found nearby, we made a decision. To make beer. By supporting this particular project, we are staying true to our roots while creating the greatest impact possible.

Where can I buy Lowlander Cool Earth Lager and what does it cost?

Lowlander Cool Earth Lager is available at a selection of bars and liquor stores in the Netherlands, our webshop and at Albert Heijn and Stach supermarkets. The recommended retail price is €1.99 for the 4% Cool Earth Lager and €1.79 for the Non Alc. Lowlander Cool Earth Lager. Want to recommend your favorite bar or liquor store? Then send us an email! info@lowlander-beer.com