• Lowlander originated from founder Frederik Kampman's personal passion to brew with botanical herbs, comparable, fruit, or botanicals. And in this way to give a different kind of taste and character to beers, gins and sodas. We brew with an eye for nature and are proud of the fact that we have been carbon neutral as an organization since 2022.

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At Lowlander we brew with botanicals to create naturally delicious beers. Every beer has its own unique flavour profile and is full of flavour and naturally delicious. From fruity to floral, from sweet to spicy and everything in between: Lowlander beer is perfect for every mood and every occasion.

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Lowlander low- and no alcohol beers

After spending years in breweries, distilleries, bars and restaurants it was time to explore the world of botanicals again, but this time for alcohol free beverages. Without the addition of extra artificial flavourings and sugars we managed to create a selection of delicious and well balanced alcohol free beers. Perfect for everyone and every mood.

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We brew with botanicals - or herbs, spices and fruit - to create naturally delicious drinks. And we want to make sure that we’re doing this in a way that takes responsibility for the natural world today and for generations to come.

That’s why step-by-step we’re taking action to do less harm as a business, and to give back to nature as we grow. We want to show that together we can create impact, just by doing what we love doing – drinking beer.

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