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Citrus Blonde 4%

Citrus Blonde 4%

ALC 4.0% vol.

Smooth and refreshing gluten-free blond beer

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Botanically brewed Citrus Blonde with crushed orange & lemon peel. Smooth and refreshing with a crisp citrus finish.
  • Type: blond beer
  • Reinforces sweet, yet tart dishes with fruit.
  • Via 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% to The Pollinators, stimulating pollinating species and increasing biodiversity.
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No beer? What a terrible thought. Yet without bees and butterflies, we wouldn’t have the ingredients we need to make this wonderfully light, crisp, zesty and non-alcoholic Citrus Blonde. That’s why, with our partner The Pollinators, we’ve committed to planting native wildflowers here in the Lowlands for every bottle we sell. It means our busy little friends can continue to do what they do best. And so can we.