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Cast-off Clementine & Cardamom

Cast-off Clementine & Cardamom

ALC 3.8% vol.

Refreshingly sweet citrus, with aromatic spicy notes - this beer tackles waste too.

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Botanically brewed Cast-off Clementine & Cardamom (3.8%) with surplus clementine & cardamom. Refreshingly sweet citrus, with aromatic spicy notes.

  • Type: fruit beer / seasonal beer
  • Via 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% to Trees For All for sustainable forestry and a healthier climate.
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Ah, the clever little clementine. It shines bright in the depths of winter – yet crate loads are still discarded simply because they’re imperfect. Here’s our solution. We rescue all the surplus clementines we can, balance their juicy zestiness with aromatic cardamom and brew this: a deliciously light, fruity beer that also helps address food waste. Remember: taste not waste!