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Blood Orange & Bergamot Botanical Soda

Blood Orange & Bergamot Botanical Soda

ALC 0.0% vol.


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This bright, citrusy take on a Mediterranean aperitivo blends juicy blood oranges with aromatic bergamot, cardamom and the gently bitter notes of cinchona bark. The result is a refreshing, revitalising treat designed to lift the spirits – with no consequences the morning after. A carefully layered complex, bitter, and refreshing tipple that will take you from sunset to sunrise.
Also delicious with a measure of citrus vodka, or topped with prosecco.



Ingrediënten & Allergenen

Carbonated water, fermented grape juice, blood orange juice, bergamot, quinine, cardamom extract.

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After years brewing with botanicals, we thought it was time for a grown-up soft drink that’s better-tasting and better-for-you. Lowlander botanical sodas combine fresh fruit, spices and herbs, brewed to allow their true flavours to shine naturally – which means no need for added sugar.