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Press release – Drink beer. Save the planet. As a botanical brewer, Lowlander is championing the global goal for nature and therefore have committed themselves to the promise of a Nature Positive impact by 2030. In line with this  ambition Lowlander has become a proud member of 1% for the Planet. By donating 1% of all sales, the botanical brewer supports a range of nature causes close to heart. And to increase the impact via the consumer, Lowlander introduces the Laidbacktivist campaign; laziest and tastiest way to fight climate change, preserve wildlife & support biodiversity: drinking beer.


Doing good while doing nothing more than drinking beer. That’s the message Lowlander wants to communicate this summer encouraging consumers in the Netherlands to become “Laidbacktivists”. In order to keep enjoying nature it’s our joint responsibility to take care of the planet instead of endlessly taking from it. And consumers feel the same way; 81% of respondents of a global Nielsen survey felt strongly that companies should help to improve the environment. Next to that, 70% of beer drinkers are more likely to purchase a beer made in a sustainable way (YouGov).

“Since the start of Lowlander we are constantly looking for ways and initiatives to reduce waste, fight climate change, support biodiversity and preserve wildlife, with the ultimate goal of becoming Nature Positive by 2030. This means that we have the clear objective to give back more to nature than we take. From the beginning we made the conscious choice to use the spare capacity of existing breweries instead of building our own brewery and because of that we use a substantially lower amount of water and CO2 per produced liter beer. Next to that, we were one of the firsts to introduce beers in cans on a broad scale and we’ve recently launched world’s first Nature Positive Gin in a lightweight and recyclable paperboard bottle”, says Chief Botanical Officer Frederik Kampman.



In line with the ambition to become Nature Positive by 2030, Lowlander is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. By donating 1% of all sales, the botanical brewer supports a range of nature causes close to its heart,  actively contributing to fighting climate change, conserving biodiversity and preserving wildlife. 1% for the Planet is a global movement, founded on the model of responsible businesses giving back to environmental non-profits to create a healthier, better planet. To date, the 1% for the Planet members, including Patagonia, Pukka Thee, Boxed Water and Peak Design, have invested over $270 million in environmental non-profit solutions through the 1% for the Planet network. Read the full story on how we give back here.

Each beer within the Lowlander product range contributes through its sale to a different initiative that matches the origin of the beer.